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Damned VI ARTshow in Detroit OCT 24-26

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When:October 24 at 7:00pm until October 26 at 11:55pm

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Within the word “damned”, it is easy to envision devils, Hades and hellfire. However, damnation may also reflect the eternal condemnation of self and the subtle abuse of one’s mind against itself. It may reflect the emotional trappings within the haunting ghosts of the past. Perhaps the immeasurable tendrils that bind us to our deepest longings or deprivations.


DAMNED is an exhibition of those extraordinary artists who know that without darkness, there is no light, that beauty does reside within the repulsive and enlightenment within our darkest hours. This art may be the one true reflection of self that make us balanced within our personal damnations...or possibly it is an expressive visual therapy...or simply a sign that there is something inexplicably damaged inside without comparison. This is not Halloween-themed art but an immersion within the immeasurable realms of consciousness through an elegant ambiance of live strings and cirque/butoh-inspired performances.


There are 3 nights of DAMNED, each with its own distinct theme for the ambiance and performances that surround the exhibition:


10/24 "The Darkness" - A night of introspective exploration within the shadowed and primal essence of self. This opening night features an intimate VIP Preview/Artist Reception, a formal absinthe tasting, an on-site chef preparing hot hors d’œuvres and special performances.


10/25 "The Enlightenment" - A night of the extrospective self enlightened through light, fire and the ethereal. This gala night features a VIP sampling of internationally-inspired tapas with with paired libations and exotic fire performances.


10/26 "The Masquerade" - A festive celebration through a menagerie of exotic cirque, sensual rhythms and masquerade. This closing night features the formal mask-mandatory Masquerade Ball, an elegant seated 6-course aphrodisiac-inspired dinner, intriguing dance performance interludes, the dreamworld aural ambiance of Sugar Hiccup and a menagerie of cirque performances all night.


All nights feature vignette performances every 30 minutes, the sensually lush VIP Mezzanine with private bar and live televised performance simulcasts all night, the gallery store to purchase a diversity of art and merchandise, our lovely Devil Girl hostesses and, of course, the art. Please visit the "tickets" and "performances" sections on our main website for further details regarding each night.


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(Early Devils huge discounts before October 1st)


DAMNED VI - An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

and Formal Masquerade Ball


October 24/25/26 2013 - 7p until 2am - 18+


Tangent Gallery / Hastings St Ballroom

715 Milwaukee St E, Detroit, MI 48202

+ S P E C I A L G U E S T S +

Anna-Maija Mettälä (Finland)

Ash Sivils (TN)

Aunia Kahn (IL)

Becky Grismer (SD)

Christian Correra (RI)

Danielle Tunstall (UK) Jessica Ward (MI)

John U Abrahamson (CA)

Jordan Walker (RI)

Krista Acheson (Canada)

Lana Gentry (VA)

Paul McCarroll (UK) REMO (Argentina)

Rivenis (Barbados)

Robert Bauder (WA)

Sara Yun (Spain)

Wojciech Grzanka (Poland)

+ A N D F E A T U R I N G +

A Owen Layne (MI)

Aleks7 (IN)

Aleta Welling (AZ)

Allison Leigh (MI)

Amber Michelle Russell (WI)

Ann Smith (MI)

Artem (Denmark)

Ash Marnich (MN)

B.A.M. (MI)

B2 Photographique (MI)

Barbara Campagna (MI)

Bernardo Corman (NJ)

Brett J Lawrence (MI)

Brian Stadler (MI)

Brian Weirdartist Lewandowski (MI)

bridgett D (MI)

Carl Lundgren (MI)

Carl Wilson (MI)

Carly Toporzycki (MI)

Carolyn Weltman (NY)

Charles Alexander (MI)

Clint Parker (MI)

Corinne Elizabeth (MI)

Courtney Morningstar (MI)

Daniel Seybold (MI)

DarwinsDaughterCouture (MI)

Debbee Sheppard (MI)

DeEtta (MI)

Diane Irby (MI)

Diane Marie Kramer (MI)

Don Dolanski (MI)


Eric Hudgins (IN)

Eric Toth (MI)

Erin Kruczek (MI)

Eve Noir (MI)

Gregory James Wyrick (MI)

Hellmet (Slovakia)

Holly Hock (MI)

Iszola Vox (MI) J Vida (OH)

Jack O Summers (MI)

James Patrick Kirk (MI)

Jay Raven (Canada)

Jerry Shirts (MI)

Jino Rufino (TX)

Joanne Price (KY)

Joe Intrinsic Sawyer (MI)

Joe La Grassa (MI)

Joe Young (MI)

JoeIntrinsicSawyer (MI)

Joel Howell (MI)

Jos-Ov Condor (MI)

Joseph Ferraro (MI)

Joseph JoJo Smedo (MI)

Justin Abraham (NC)

Justin Aerni (WA)

Keith Grodi (MI)

ken hales (WA)

Kia I Arriaga (Mexico)

Kirill Slavin (MI)

Laura Dark (OH)

Licentious (MI)

Lidya Adventa (Indonesia)

Lindsey Harnish (MI)

Lore-Li Photography (MO)

Luiz Postal (Brasil)

Luke MacGilvray (MI)

Lulie Cardon (MI)

Lynn Graznak (NH)

Marija Makeska (MI)

Mariuca Rofick (MI)

Markness (MI)

Martin Blanco (Andorra)

matt hughes (GA)

Megan Renee Rahm (OH)

MissPeggyArtist (MI)

MonkeyTeeth (MI)

Morgan Chivers (TX)

Moudy Designs (Canada) Mrs Empty (MI)


Nicholas R Wilson (MI)

Nick Masiello (FL)

Niki Urban (MI)

Noelle Starshyne (MI)

Ozie (MI)

PM Gray (MI)

Pat Duff (MI)

Paula Marie Deubel (MI)

Regina Walsh (KS)

Ren Fracture (MI)

Rick Cronn (MI)

Rick Lieder (MI)

Rosemarie Hughes (MI)

Ryan LaVoisin (CA)

S.I.N. Rothe (MI)

Sarah Pifher (OR)

Shadia (MI)

Shagrat (MI)

Shannon Burnett (MI)

Shekinah 9 (MI)

Silke Seybold (MI)


Sophia Fenby (MI)

Soren Soto (MI)

Stein McGee (MI)

Steven Goossen (MI)

Strehlau (Canada)

Stu Edwards (Canada)

Sya (OH)

Ted Wm Lottman (MI)

Tim Buhl (MI)

Tim Malik (MI)

Travis Mullins (IN)

Void Pop (MI)

Xat Grey (MI)

Zachariah Messiah (MI)

Zieg (MI)

Special guest artist curation partially provided by Adam Owen Layne & Les Barany.

All others are DAMNED.

Agony @ Hyaena Gallery

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This November at Hyaena Gallery Lana Gentry presents: Agony
group show 
Opening night: November 2nd 
Show runs November 1st - 31st 2013
Hyaena Gallery
1928 Olive Ave
Burbank, CA

Broken Beauty @ WWA Gallery

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At WWA Gallery 
Red Siren Art Collective group show 
Opening Saturday Novemeber 16th 2013

CAJA @ 423 West Gallery

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Curated by Christopher Umana & Jennifer Mullins

Revealing the mysteries of the box.

423 West Gallery

423 W. Venice Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Opening night July 20th show runs through August 17th

Speaking in Tongues II @ Black Vulture Gallery

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Friday, June 7, 2013

6:00pm until 2:00am




Black Vulture Gallery proudly hosts the Opening Reception of "Speaking in Tongues II", a group show of the wicked and the weird in a terrifyingly tasteful display of some of the best artists in Philly as well as from afar. Curated by BUDDY NESTOR!!


live music by::










A raging good time with killer artwork, kicking off summer right!!


Refreshments by the ever delicious and creative brewers at Barry's Homebrew Outlet!!!!

Gag me with a Toon 5 at WWA Gallery

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Gag Me With A Toon 5

Opening: Saturday, May 4th 7-10pm

May 4th - June 1st



2Shae Adam Hathorn Alex Pardee Bill McEvoy Bone Thrower

Brandt Peters Brent Nolasco Chris P. Craig Edmunds Cunch

Daino Dan Quintana Dave Correia Dave Hill Dave MacDowell

Deph Gear Hezza Jasmine Worth Jason Gallo Jhonen Vasquez

JoKa Jon Schnepp Jonathan Bergeron Jonathan Wayshack

Kevin Peterson Maxx242 Mike Clem Munk One N.C. Winters

Rich Taylor Robert Bowen Roman Dirge Shaun Singer Tom Haubrick

Travis Louie Vyal Zoe Jessica Ward


Rewind to the sugar highs of childhood Saturday mornings and “toon” in on May 4th to this year’s Gag Me with a Toon 5 presented by WWA Gallery and curated by artists Steven Daily and Tomi Monstre. This much-loved annual exhibit has artists re-imagining the cartoons of their youth and what results are some totally tubular recreations of iconic characters spanning the 1960s-1990s!


Throughout previous Gag Me with a Toon events, G.I. Joes, Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, Thundercats, The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Jem, Scooby Doo, The Super Friends and gobs more have starred in artistic interpretations fused with social commentary, pop-culture references, humor, satire and sex appeal.


Viewers will be hooked on the zany creations by over 30 Gag Me with a Toon 5 artists. In the past we’ve seen Wonder Woman and Superman drinking their troubles away, Scooby Doo with a gun to his head, and Smurf orgies: tune in to see this far-out exhibit that cannot be missed!


Open to the public, the gallery reception for Gag Me with a Toon 5 is from 7 – 10PM on Saturday, May 4th. The first 100 attendees opening night will receive a limited edition print. The exhibition will run until June 1st, 2013.

Erotic themed show at Suede Studios!

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Mark your calenders! Currator Polaris Castillo's erotic art show lands Saturday evening, April 27th in downtown Los Angeles! The night's filled with rose petals, sensual treats, drinks, music & the luscious surrealist, whimsy & emotionally charged erotic work from both established & virtually unknown artists from around the world. Bring a hot date cause the sexual tension will be floating through the air. I hope you all can make it ♥

Suede Studios

133 East 3rd St.

Los Angeles, CA 90033

Opening night: April 27th 7pm - midnight

show runs thourgh May 25th

Sleep with the Fishes @ Rothick Art Haus

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Splendor Device: Sleep with the Fishes

Saturday, May 11, 2013

6:00pm until 11:00pm in PDT


Rothick Art Haus

170 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, California 92805


Splendor Device debuts "Sleep with the Fishes" a nautical themed art extravaganza involving mermaids, siren and everything under the sea. Live painter and a Sea Siren model, our candy strippers will be hawking salt water taffy, plus our signature cocktail crafted for this specific show.

LOTS LOTS LOTS of girly artists, band members, and zinesters at this opening as we host the return of GRRL FAIR outside the gallery.


PLUS the quarterly Art Crawl Experience will also be going on so this show HAS to start extra early so you all can get your fill of art, music, food and crafts.


Come early, come often -Splendor Device

April show at Red Raven Gallery

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April show Featuring Julie Luke from Tacoma

With a stellar line-up of very special guests from around the country

Jel Ena Los Angeles CA

Lea Barozzi Portland OR

Patricia Ariel Seattle WA

Amy Katherine Minchew Atlanta GA

Amber Michelle Russell Eau Claire WI

Jessica Ward Manistee MI

Kim Gordon San Francisco CA

our in house Featured artist Amy Weber will have new paintings in watercolor and oils to round out this fantastic showing!


Julie Luke is an emerging visionary artist based out of Tacoma, Washington. She creates whimsical spiritual paintings that evoke her ideals of being boundless and one with spirit. She uses bold patterning, and intense contrast to express her distinct works of art. Julie’s works have been exhibited in galleries and art venues throughout the Pacific Northwest, including a commission for the private gallery of the Dr.Martens U.S. Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Born on June 18, 1980 in Port Angeles, Washington, Julie was the eighth of nine children, and formal art culture was not accessible to her as a child. She began creating time based ecological art at the age of five years old and began to educate herself in painting when she was fifteen. Julie’s artistic beginning evolved from an innate means to express her distinctive voice amongst a repressive environment. Julie states that the world she would travel to while creating was pure and loving full of otherworldly expression and freedom. Her inherent talent to express and create was influenced by her father, who was a self taught blue collar artist; Julie’s father is still her favorite artist and key inspiration to date.

Julie never imagined her art would later bring her a life as a professional artist, but blissfully welcomes the many exciting and healing opportunities it brings. Julie is currently working on several bodies of art, including The re-calibration of light and dark 2012.

Saturday Morning Cartoons!!! Art Show

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April 6, 7-10


A Celebration of All Things Television We Loved as Kids




333 S State College

Fullerton, CA


Come out and see some amazing work all about the TV shows we all grew up with!

Bring some spending money because there will be:

-affordable prints of much of the artwork

-originals available

-vending, zines, merch, goodies

-delicious TV themed cupcakes and delicacies

-food trucks

-locally brewed beer by 1.21 Gigawatts!

-it will also be at a comic book shop, so that's obvious


***FREE LIVE DR. SKETCHY'S EVENT! We will have cartoon themed models posed for your drawing pleasure!

[ educate yourself!]


***NO MORE KINGS will be performing, later in the evening!

[ have yourself a listen!]


There will be several live painters for your enjoyment, making some really amazing stuff. You won't wanna miss this.

This is going to be an amazing night. Bring your friends out and have an awesome night with us!