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Rock is Dead @ Hyaena Gallery

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"Rock Is Dead" co-curated by The Creep

at Hyaena Gallery

1928 W. Olive Ave.

Burbank, CA 91506

September 1st - 30th 2012

 Opening Reception:

Saturday, Sept. 8th


Featuring Artists:

Brian Smith, Haley Dennison, Sara Ray, Jeremy Cross, Donnie Green, Cam Rackam, Shawn Dickinson, Todd Robey, Megan Besmirched, Dan Harding, Jessica Ward, Sean Bigtasty Philbin, Kepi Ghoulie, Larkin Cypher, Brian Bubonic and Chris Densmore.

"Rock is dead. You can blame the Internet and

Rebecca Black, but that doesn't change the

fact that we let it die. We put too much or a

burden on our musical heroes and so many

of them cracked with the weight. Others

succumbed to age or accident and the simple

curse of mortality. There's a collective legacy

left behind by these legends of song that

continues to inspire the new generations of

songwriters and musicians. We forget, I think,

over time, just how unique and important these

pioneering personas are to so many aspects

of our lives. Our memories are formed

around their art, specific events associated

permanently with the music we experienced

at the time. And when these heroes are gone

you have to ask yourself, where are the

successors? Who can replace Joe Strummer?

Elvis? Lux Interior or Kurt Cobain? Joey,

Dee Dee, or Johnny? Dimebag Darrel or

Johnny Cash? There is no one to fill those

shoes and each bastardized song in a car

commercial only serves to dig that grave a

little deeper. So, yeah, Rock is dead…

This is our tribute to the greats,

our resurrection of music through art."

Taetrum et Dulce: Lux in Tenebris @ Distinction Gallery

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"Taetrum et Dulce: Lux in Tenebris"

Co-curated by David Vecchiato of MondoPOP and Dan Barry

September 8th - October 6th 2012 

Distinction Gallery

317 E. Grand Ave. Escondido, CA. 92025

Opening reception: Saturdaday September 8th from 6-10pm

With live music by Grave Misfortunes

Freaturing Artists:

Ana Bagayan, Angelique Houtkamp, Buddy Nestor, Jana Broke, Apricot Manlte, Edward Robin Coronel,

Richard Frost, Marco About Bevivino, Macsorro, Dan Barry, Paola Sala, Julian Callos, Jessica Ward,

Victor Castillo, JAW Cooper, Tiffany Liu, Jason Montinola, Jon Hanlan, Ale Giogini, Odo, Morg, Allegra Corbo,

Chris Mars, Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy, Felipe Bedoya, Jason D'Aquino, Nicola Alessandrini, Charlie Immer, Malojo, Alberto Carradi

New site launched!

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Just created a whole new website! :D